AI’s Future in Healthcare

ChatGPT launched in late 2022. Language-based AI competitors quickly followed. In early May, Google showcased generative artificial intelligence (aka, Magi) for AI-infused [...]

Marketing and Sales: Friends or Foes?

As marketers, we love thinking up big ideas and running with them. We often have to slow ourselves down to work through the not-as-fun part, logistics. [...]

Do You Have 5 Minutes? With Zoey Kramer

Zoey Kramer is a project manager at Healio Strategic Solutions and is actively involved with the empowerHER non-profit organization. To learn more about [...]

2023 South Beach Symposium

Who doesn’t love attending a medical conference in Miami? The 2023 South Beach Symposium did not disappoint. The cutting-edge presentations by [...]

Telling It Like It Is Meeting 2023

It’s great to be back. This year’s Telling It Like It Is meeting featured a new program format and a new location, both of which were fantastic. [...]

Hawaiian Eye and Retina 2023

Normalcy. It’s something many of us have craved for almost 3 years. After returning from Hawaiian Eye and Retina 2023, I can tell you, normalcy feels awesome. [...]

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