Precision Healthcare Marketing: Inside Healio and DeepIntent’s New Partnership

Chris Paquette

By Chris Paquette, Founder and CEO, DeepIntent

Published June 11, 2024

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DeepIntent is thrilled about our new partnership with Healio, a collaboration that supercharges our ability to deliver on the goals of our advertisers. Healthcare providers (HCPs) depend on Healio to provide medical education and news without bias. Thus, Healio is an ideal partner in our joint mission to facilitate the discovery of life-changing health information.

Brands and agencies gain increased value from Healio’s integration with DeepIntent. They can programmatically access cookieless audiences, targeting, and optimization across a major endemic partner, all within the same platform they trust to drive campaign performance for their entire media plan. Healio thus broadens our reach to critically important healthcare audiences, advancing DeepIntent’s goal to unlock the full value of health data and media.

The partnership is particularly noteworthy for its focus on HCPs, fortifying our existing HCP business at DeepIntent. The more than 1.5 million HCPs actively engaged with Healio’s content enable DeepIntent to deliver precision targeting and messaging for advertisers.

Our collaboration has another exceptional feature: Healio’s email newsletter network. Healio delivers one million emails daily to its HCP audience, and DeepIntent can now serve ads in those emails programmatically. This is a prime advertising environment characterized by high attention and engagement. Using DeepIntent’s demand-side platform to serve ads in Healio’s newsletters ensures that tailored brand messaging reaches the most relevant HCPs while they’re actively seeking treatment information and resources related to their practices.

With Healio, DeepIntent strengthens its endemic partnerships and its position as a trusted platform for healthcare professionals and brands. Today’s HCPs are navigating a complex and changing information and media landscape. Together, Healio and DeepIntent offer mutual clients the ability to provide HCPs with the resources and support they need. Our partnership is poised to drive meaningful engagement and facilitate impactful healthcare conversations, ultimately improving patient care and outcomes.

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