Disruptive Innovators at ACG 2023

Published December 6, 2023

Healio Disruptive Innovators awards 2023

Celebrating Disruptive Innovators in Gastroenterology at ACG 2023

Katrina Altersitz

By Katrina Altersitz
Vice President, Editorial Features at Healio

For six years, one of the highlights of my year is the Healio Disruptive Innovators ceremony – first launched in gastroenterology and then in oncology; this year was no exception.

What you missed at the 2023 Healio Disruptive Innovators awards

Building on our relationship with the American College of Gastroenterology, we have the benefit of working closely with the organization to celebrate the core values of the specialty and the individuals who have the greatest impact on gastroenterology. Healio Disruptive Innovators is a fully integrated part of ACG’s amazing clinical meeting.

Since its inception, we have added new awards and new collaborators. This year, we recognized Healio Disruptive Innovators in nine categories with five collaborators:

  1. Healio Social Media Influencer
  2. Healio Rising Disruptor, given in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic
  3. Lifetime Disruptor, given in collaboration with Women in Endoscopy
  4. Woman Disruptor of the Year, given in collaboration with Scrubs & Heels
  5. Clinical Innovation Award, given in collaboration with the American College of Gastroenterology
  6. Healio Health Equity Award
  7. The Patient Voice, given in collaboration with the Association of Black Gastroenterologists and Hepatologists
  8. Allied Health Provider of the Year
  9. Industry Breakthrough

We work with each of these collaborative groups to refine our nominees and ensure they are representative of the many facets of gastroenterology and hepatology. Planning begins in the spring and then, in the summer, we put it to a vote.

Healio Gastroenterology was launched utilizing a “peer-tested content” approach – if gastroenterologists were reading the content online, it was integrated into the print edition. The Disruptive Innovator awards are given in the same spirit, allowing the GI community to vote on the nominees and determine the winners.

This year, the room was packed, and our attendees reflected the diversity of the specialty and our winners.

In representation of Cleveland Clinic, our inaugural Clinical Innovation award winner, Miguel Regueiro, MD, put it so well:

“The inaugural awards ceremony was about a quarter of this [attendance] so this is unbelievable to see the growth, the number of talented people in the room and the credit to Healio. The Healio staff … does an absolutely phenomenal job and has linked very nicely to ACG. We really appreciate having this collaboration at the ACG meeting.”

At each turn, you saw innovators and trailblazers talking to one another, celebrating their achievements and having animated discussions about the meeting to come.

We take great pride in honoring the amazing physicians and other luminaries in gastroenterology and appreciate our relationships with the groups who have made this event a staple of the ACG meeting.

Amrita Sethi, MD, founder of Women in Endoscopy, expressed our mutual feelings:

“Healio, thank you. We are really grateful for this ongoing partnership to be able to add our voice and our values to your ongoing mission to really celebrate disruption for good.”

We look forward to continued disruption in the field and commit to recognizing those who push us forward. Healio hopes to have even more collaborations and support in 2024.

Editorially, we will continue to feature our winners throughout the year and you can follow along here: Healio.com/DisruptiveInnovators.

2023 Disruptive Innovators Event Highlights

Kristen Weil

By Kristen Weil
Business Development Strategist at Healio Strategic Solutions

The 2023 Disruptive Innovators event was, from the beginning, a special event with Edward V. Loftus Jr., MD, adding his personality to a short awards ceremony. The rest of the evening was spent celebrating the industry’s best work to improve patients’ lives. We saw post after post on social media of attendees and Disruptive Innovator winners highlighting the event and their colleagues.

Partners Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Braintree Laboratories have supported the event for multiple years, enjoying physicians’ responses and the opportunity to highlight the winners. Even though the event is live, sponsorship includes many digital and print touchpoints with our physician audience in the months preceding the ACG Annual Meeting.

This event makes me proud of the work our editorial team has done to make Healio Gastroenterology an invaluable resource to physicians and the Disruptive Innovators Awards a must-attend event.

For information on the Healio Gastroenterology’s Disruptive Innovators event at ACG 2024 (Philadelphia) please contact Kristen Weil.

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