Atopic Dermatitis – Insight from the American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA

adrienne stevens

By Adrienne Stevens, EdD, MBA, Healio Strategic Solutions’ VP, Head of Scientific Strategy

Published October 28, 2022

anaheim, ca

What’s the sudden interest in Atopic Dermatitis (AD)? It’s not a new condition, but there is a new interest in expanded treatment targets, especially young patients.

AD is often described as a condition that “steals the lives” of patients and families. “Beyond the itch” is a phrase that elevates the condition above the itch, infection, breathing difficulties and frequent medical visits associated with the disease. Tears burn the skin and being touched hurts. To date, few therapies have provided sustained relief.

Oral therapies that balance efficacy with side effect profiles in the very young can provide symptomatic relief. More patient stories need to be heard to better understand the consequences of daily living with AD and what life is like on immunosuppressants. Looking forward to the next generation of therapies and those that expand their labels with data that address this debilitating condition.

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