Evolution of Pharma Marketing Part 3: Go Digital or Go Home

Published September 7, 2022

Evolution of Pharma Marketing: Go Digital or Go Home

When people think of prescription drug marketing, the most common examples that come to mind are the iconic television ads that fill up every commercial break. As the world shifts more and more into the digital universe, prescription drug ads have also made their way onto the internet. Just like with print and commercial ads, digital prescription drug marketing also has a fascinating history.

While online prescription drug ad regulations are still in the beginning stages of development, the trend is here to stay, and pharma marketers are dumping big dollars into digital marketing. To stand out from the competition, consider having a presence on multiple channels. Ads on medical communications websites, sponsored webinars, YouTube videos, social media campaigns, branded podcasts, and interactive educational games are just a few options, and new platforms are being created every day. What online marketing trends do you see on the horizon?

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