5 Ways to Bond with Your Team While Working Remotely

Published August 3, 2022

Working from home has its perks: no long commutes to the office, replacing business suits with t-shirts and sweatpants (or pajama pants, we don’t judge), and more cuddle time with your furry friends. Despite all the upsides, you sometimes miss the conversations and comradery that made you feel like you were in your favorite episode of The Office. In today’s “new normal” of Zoom meetings and Microsoft Teams, it can be hard to foster relationships with your colleagues. But hope isn’t lost. Here are five ways you can bond with your team when you’re miles apart:

You know those awkward moments of silence before your virtual meeting officially starts? Use that time to ask the group about their weekend, their families, or if they have any fun activities planned that week.

Ask for help with tasks you’re uncertain about. You’ll find that your colleagues are happy to support you, and the experience will bring you closer together. Plus, you might learn new marketing tips you can use in your next project.

Create a group chat. You don’t have to give out your personal phone number if you don’t want to. Instead, use WhatsApp or Zoom to create a chat where you can discuss the latest pharma news, wish each other a happy birthday, share pictures from your vacations, or send words of encouragement.

Coordinate virtual activities based on your co-workers’ interests. Book clubs, game nights, workout classes… the possibilities are endless!

Schedule a monthly, virtual happy hour. Grab your favorite drink, get comfy, and let the good times roll.

Staring at a screen for eight hours a day without human contact can drive anyone to start conversing with their Alexa. Don’t let AI replace your office bestie. Try these tips and let us know what creative ideas your team has implemented to keep the (virtual) office buzzing.

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