Healio Conference Solutions

Healio Conference Solutions

Make a statement with Healio Strategic Solutions’ conference marketing tools.

Conferences are a crucial time to make sure your brand message is in front of your target audience. Partner with us and expand your reach to our steadfast audience of healthcare practitioners.


HSS Conference Marketing Tools:

Convention Highlights Packages

Elevate your message on Healio.com with a specified destination that hosts news and information in-real time as it’s posting directly from the conference.

Healio Meeting Mic Podcast Series

Promote your message on a post-meeting wrap-up of the most important content that listeners can consume on-the-go.

Conference 360°

Utilize our three-prong programmatic strategy to geotarget your conference city, geofence your conference venue, geotarget nationally and more!

Convention Daily eNewsletters

Deploy quick hitting eNewsletters that share information as it’s being reported directly from the conference.

Take Homes

Video-based program where experts share their take-home points from a conference surrounding a particular topic.

Meeting Discoveries

Feature content specific to your brand’s disease state/therapeutic area alongside Healio’s award-winning editorial team’s meeting coverage straight from the conference.

Meeting Reporter Print Supplement

Market your brand in our print supplement containing all clinical highlights and breaking news from a meeting or convention.

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