Understanding 2023 HCP Channel Trends and Preferences

Healio Strategic Solutions (HSS) and the Digital Health Coalition (DHC) partner annually to survey healthcare professionals (HCPs) to evaluate their learning behaviors and needs, and keep pharma companies up to date on the best tactics for reaching HCPs and providing solutions to their pain points.

The “Understanding 2023 Channel Trends and Preferences for Patient Resources” survey explored HCPs preferences for consumption of clinical information and feedback about pharma performance in providing appropriate materials for patient care. Andrea Gaymon, M.Ed., UXC, Chief Product Officer at Healio, and Brian Cunningham, SVP, Group Media Lead at CMI Media Group, presented an in-depth analysis of the survey findings at the 2023 DHC Summit. Peruse our collection of resources to view the results and analysis.

Understanding 2023 HCP Channel Trends and Preferences

HCPs indicated spending double the amount of time learning about Pharmaceutical and Rx treatment education by reading online/digital text. Traditional print and live speakers were a mere 1% difference from second and third in total time spent.

2023 Survey Results

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Understanding HCP Channel Trends & Preferences