Joint Digital Health Coalition, Healio Strategic Solutions Survey Highlights the Necessity of Omnichannel Strategies for Effective Healthcare Professional Marketing

Over 1,000 HCPs share insight on how pharma can provide effective solutions to address their pain points

[Thorofare, NJ] October 2023 – Healthcare professionals (HCPs) reported significant gaps between their preferred methods of receiving medical education and how pharma marketers deliver informative communications, according to the “Understanding 2023 Channel Trends and Preferences for Patient Resources” survey conducted by the Digital Health Coalition (DHC) and Healio Strategic Solutions (HSS).

Andrea Gaymon, M.Ed., UXC, Chief Product Officer at Healio, and Brian Cunningham, SVP, Group Media Lead at CMI Media Group, presented an in-depth analysis of the findings at the DHC Summit on Thursday, September 28. Started in 2022, this annual survey explores HCPs preferences for consumption of clinical information and feedback about pharma performance in providing appropriate materials for patient care.

The key findings from the survey indicate that HCPs rely on a number of digital resources and formats for education. For engaging with peer-led content, HCPs still value in-person meetings, but also engage through videos, health information portals, social media, and email. For daily medical education, online medical news shows the highest consumption patterns along with mobile apps, online gated healthcare social communities, and tools within EHR platforms.

The results identify multiple opportunities for pharma to better support HCPs through delivering relevant and personalized content and providing patient education materials, product samples and coupons, and patient assistance for medications. As methods of content consumption continue to expand for HCPs, an omnichannel marketing approach is key when developing effective strategies for delivering what HCPs need from the pharma industry. “The study shows the importance of understanding HCP preferences with regards to consumption of medical education and which educational formats best meet their needs to help support patient care,” shared Gaymon.

This survey will be conducted annually to continuously evaluate the learning behaviors and needs of HCPs and keep pharma companies up to date on the best tactics for reaching HCPs and providing solutions to their pain points. “We are operating in an increasingly complex environment: there are more ways than ever to engage with HCPs and yet so much more clutter, as well as HCP overwhelm, exists. As such it is critical for marketers to always listen to changing needs of HCPs to make meaningful connections and provide what they need to support their patients when they need it,” said Cunningham. “Having a deep understanding of where they seek information, how they learn, and what they need will ultimately drive better dialogue with pharma and improved health outcomes.”


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