To Podcast or Not to Podcast, That is the Question

Published January 26, 2023


Podcasts aren’t just for sci-fi discussions and political debates. With a third of Americans saying they listen to podcasts monthly, they provide pharmaceutical marketers with the opportunity to access a whole new range of potential customers. The busy physician who doesn’t have time to read an article or watch a video can simply pop in their headphones and listen while they go about their daily tasks.

A typical podcast episode runs anywhere from five to forty minutes. The best way to determine the length of your episode is to understand your target audience’s lifestyle. Would they rather listen to a ten-minute episode while sipping their morning coffee or a thirty-minute episode during their commute to work? Choose right and your podcast will become part of their routine.

There’s a reason that Kantar Media found that 75% of HCPs regularly listen to podcasts. Besides the obvious benefit of convenience, HCPs can tailor their listening to their personal learning interests. It can bridge the gap between their current knowledge and the ever-changing medical world. Plus, it helps HCPs feel more connected to their industry.

Unlike some of your promotional materials that are expected to be formal, podcasts allow you to show your colorful personality. They’re known for being entertaining and conversational, so have fun with it! Jokes are not only allowed; they’re expected.

To stand out from other pharma podcasts, introduce your listeners to parts of the industry they’re not familiar with. Lean into your network and invite your research scientists, microbiologists, quality control analysts, and anyone else of interest to interview on your show. Hearing real-life stories from the people who bring your products to market will help physicians feel more connected to your company and trust your advice.

In 2021, Veeva Crossix reported that there was a 50% increase in the number of marketers investing in audio formats. Will you join them?

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